Single Programming Document 2017-2019 (Annual Work Programme 2018)

In its Single Programming Document (SPD), EIOPA continues to focus on three main strategic priorities:

  • Enhancing supervisory convergence
  • Reinforcing preventive consumer protection
  • Preserving financial stability

Supervisory convergence is key in a period where effective implementation of Solvency II is both a challenge and an opportunity. EIOPA is committed to deliver quality regulation and supervision in order to further build and facilitate common European supervisory culture.

The trust of consumers in the area of financial sector, including insurance and pensions, deserves being enhanced, and EIOPA is targeting a range of measures to be a key contributor to its enhancement, with the customer interest at its centre.

The Work Programme 2018 is driven by both mandated tasks and the work to achieve its strategic goals. It captures the Authority’s activities towards its objectives for consumer protection, functioning of the internal market and financial stability. The work programme is defined in terms of operational and horizontal activities. Each activity details its own objective and link to EIOPA’s strategy, the planned products and services, and the required human and financial resources. This provides clarity on the purpose and value of EIOPA’s work, and enables prioritisation of the many competing demands.

The SPD has been developed in accordance with the new requirements of the European Commission, as part of the new Financial Regulation, to enhance consistency and comparability across European Union bodies. The first part sets up the direction of the developments of EIOPA and the relevant strategic objectives and actions for the period 2017 - 2019. The second part outlines the tasks EIOPA will perform in 2018.

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