​Oversight Unit

  • ​Enhancing the convergence and coherent application of the European Union law in the insurance sector and developing the common supervisory culture by:
    • visiting and engaging with National Supervisory Authorities, monitor the application of Solvency II and provide them with feedback and technical support to develop high-quality supervisory outcomes; 
    • performing continuous desk-based oversight, including analysis of supervisory data, in order to provide preparatory information for visits and to flag concerns leading to further examination and follow-up action; 
    • supporting National Competent Authorities on ad-hoc national projects, such as Balance Sheet Review and stress tests. 
  • Advancing the high-quality, consistent and efficient functioning of the Colleges of Supervisors by engaging with them through meetings and other contacts; 
  • Participating in joint on-site inspections; 
  • Overseeing the functioning of Colleges and providing relevant reports on progress, issues and best practice.