Multi-Annual Work Programme 2015-2017

​EIOPA’s Multi-Annual Work Programme 2015-2017 (MAWP 2015 – 2017) establishes where the focus of the Authority’s work lies, and where it should allocate its resources, both human and financial, allowing for appropriate prioritisation of tasks, and ongoing monitoring of progress towards the Authority’s strategic ambitions. It provides transparency and accountability to EIOPA’s main stakeholders and serves internally as a management toolkit, linking the specific annual and multi-annual products and services of the Authority to its overall strategic goals:

  1.     to ensure transparency, simplicity, accessibility and fairness across the internal market for consumers;
  2.     to lead the development of sound and prudent regulations supporting the EU internal market;
  3.     to improve the quality, efficiency and consistency of the supervision of EU insurers and occupational pensions;
  4.     to identify, assess, mitigate and manage risks and threats to the financial stability of the insurance and occupational pensions sectors; and
  5.     EIOPA to act as a modern, competent and professional organisation, with effective governance arrangements, efficient processes and a positive reputation.

The MAWP 2015 – 2017 sets the high level objectives and the main areas of work that will be delivered to achieve them. For each the ultimate desired outcome or ‘operational objective’, is described. This provides clarity on the purpose and value of EIOPA’s work, and enables prioritisation of the many competing demands for EIOPA’s limited resources.