Work Programme 2013

​EIOPA Work Programme 2013 describes the goals and deliverables for EIOPA in its third year of operation.

EIOPA has decided to reshape the structure of its Work Programme, following the recommendation from the European Court of Auditors, aligning it with the tasks that the Regulation settling EIOPA assigns to the Authority. Such change in structure has not affected the highly ambitious programme presented for 2013, nor the high quality internal standards that inform and guide all EIOPA deliverables.

The content of this Work Programme is driven by EIOPA role towards Supervisory and Regulatory Convergence, the core importance that Consumers have in EIOPA strategy and Mission, and the active role in the field of Financial Stability and Crisis Management.

Relevant projects such as Solvency II will be reshaped, with a clear shift from regulation to supervision. Other areas of work, in particular in the field of pensions, will demand significant efforts from EIOPA in terms of sound and quality deliverables to the European Commission in the frame of their projected enhancement of pensions regulation.

Supervisory tasks, and their convergence, rank high among EIOPA priorities. Concrete deliverables such as a supervisory handbook, an internal models support expert unit, or an enhancement of the role and scope of the colleges of supervisors will be provided during 2013.

External relations, within Europe and outside, will continue playing a significant  role in EIOPA deliverables. EIOPA places great value on the formal opinions, and other contributions, made by its two stakeholder groups for insurance and for occupational pensions. In addition to its sectoral work, EIOPA’s Chair will take the Chairmanship of the Joint Committee of ESAs.

All these developments will entail a further growth of the organisation, in terms of budget and resources. Staff number, if the Budgetary Authority agrees to the request of EIOPA, will grow up to 112, to achieve the objectives and deliverables set in this Work Programme. Priorities still have to be made with regards to EIOPA mandate, as the Authority will only reach its anticipated size in 2020.

For 2013, according to EIOPA proposal, the budget will grow from 15.6 to 20 million Euro, with a share of 40% from the Commission and 60% from its Members. If at the end of the budgetary process EIOPA’s budget would not reach the aforementioned figure, the Work Programme would be reprioritized and some of the deliverables today incorporated would have to be postponed. These deliverables are marked green in Annex I of the Work Programme.

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