Work Programme 2016

​In order to reflect the major demands and important developments, EIOPA Work Programme 2016 sets up the following priority objectives:

  1. to ensure transparency, simplicity, accessibility and fairness across the internal market for consumers.
  2. to lead the development of sound and prudent regulations supporting the EU internal market.
  3. to improve the quality, efficiency and consistency of the supervision of EU insurers and occupational pensions.
  4. to identify, assess, mitigate and manage risks and threats to the financial stability of the insurance and occupational pensions sectors.

The Work Programme 2016 is structured in a transparent way. For each obje​​​​ctive it indicates the relevant activities and products as well as human and financial resources that are necessary for their delivery.

Furthermore, the document provides the overview of risks that can affect the functioning of EIOPA and the list of measures the Authority has undertaken in order to mitigate them. The programme also contains the procurement plan for products and services to be purchased by EIOPA in the course of the year 2016.

To ensure its operational success EIOPA will continue to act as a modern, competent and professional organisation, with effective governance arrangements, efficient processes and a positive reputation. 

EIOPA Annual Work Programme 2016

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