Is this intermediary entitled to sell insurance products to me?


If you face a question whether an intermediary is registered or not, this page with hyperlinks to national registers or single information points will help you.
The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) requires an intermediary to be registered. Intermediaries may not only be registered in your home country, but may also be entitled to provide their services cross-border to you from another country of the European Union where they are originally registered. In order to facilitate your access to the information on the registration of intermediaries, EIOPA has published this page with hyperlinks to national registers.

According to Article 3(4), IDD, EIOPA is required to "establish, publish on its website and keep up-to-date a single electronic register containing records of insurance, reinsurance and ancillary insurance intermediaries which have been notified their intention to carry on cross-border business." This website serves as a provisional database of hyperlinks to national registers. EIOPA is assessing the most adequate long term approach towards an online register by analogy to existing EIOPA registers to further enhance transparency and facilitate cross-border trade.

If you have problems with the national registers
Please feel free to get in contact with the national competent authority.


 Authority/body (BoS members*) and hyperlink to national register or single information point


Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs

Financial Services and Markets Authority*         
Insurance intermediaries

Financial Supervision Commission


Insurance Companies Control Service*                   


Czech National Bank


Association of German Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Danish Financial Supervisory Authority


Financial Supervision Authority


Union of Hellenic Chambers


Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones*

Financial Supervisory Authority*


Prudential Control Authority*



Central Bank of Hungary*


Central Bank of Ireland*


Istituto per la Vigilanza sulle Assicurazionion


Bank of Lithuania


Commissariat aux Assurances*


Financial and Capital Market Commission*


Malta Financial Services Authority*
NLDutch Authority for the Financial Markets*
PLPolish Financial Supervision Authority 


Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões


Financial Supervisory Authority*


Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority*


Insurance Supervision Agency*


National Bank of Slovakia*


Financial Conduct Authority*

EEA Members

EEA Member

Authority/body (BoS members*) and hyperlink to national register or single information point

Financial Supervisory Authority
​NOFinancial Supervisory Authority of Norway*

Further Information

Please note that EIOPA is not responsible for registering intermediaries or maintaining national registers or single information points. Please contact the national competent authority, in case there are any questions on registration or maintenance of the register.

Where insurance, reinsurance and ancillary insurance intermediaries cease to fulfil the requirements laid down in Article 10, IDD, they will need to be removed from the register.

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