Activate EIOPA News RSS Feed in Internet Explorer​

These steps allow you to directly receive all EIOPA news items in your browser, updated regularly, without visiting the EIOPA site. These steps should take just 1 to 2 minutes to complete.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. In the menu bar, click Tools > Internet options, and then “Content”​​​
  3. In the Content tab, look for “Feeds and Web Slices” and click “Settings”:
  4. Set to automatically update every 15 minutes:
  5. Click ok, and ok again.
  6. Open this link ​in Internet Explorer:​ EIOPA News RSS Link.​
  7. You should see a page displaying a list of EIOPA latest news. Click "Subscribe to this feed":
  8. A dialog box appears. Give the news feed a name such as "EIOPA News". You can optionally bookmark the news feed in your favourites bar to make it easier to find in future. Click "Subscribe": ​
  9. To view the EIOPA news feed, click View > Explorer bars > Feeds. You will then see EIOPA news RSS feed:
  10. [Optional] If you added the EIOPA news feed to your favourites in step 8, make sure to enable your favourites by default. Click View > Toolbars > Favourites bar: 

  11. [Optional] If you followed step 10, now you can see a list of EIOPAs latest news, directly in your favourites bar. You can click "Open all items" if you wish to see the complete list:​

You have now successfully subscribed to EIOPA's news RSS feed.