Supervisory Reporting and Public Disclosure

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Solvency II introduced supervisory reporting requirements and harmonised European Union-wide reporting and disclosure formats to ensure a consistent implementation of European regulatory and supervisory frameworks and to support EIOPA's goal to improve the efficiency and consistency of the supervision of financial institutions across the European Union.

Since the implementation of the Solvency II, insurance, reinsurance undertakings and insurance groups are required to report to national competent authorities on an annual and quarterly basis, for both prudential and financial stability purposes. They are also required to disclose the Solvency and Financial Condition Report on an annual basis.

This section covers the reporting and disclosure requirements under Solvency II, the requirements applicable to branches from undertakings with head-offices outside the European Union and special purpose vehicles. It also includes Solvency II XBRL Taxonomy developed by EIOPA to ensure the harmonised XBRL reporting under Solvency II. 

Questions and Answers

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Supervisory Reporting and Public Disclosure requirements

Data Point Model and XBRL

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