Review Panel

​​​The Review Panel is a permanent group comprising representatives of the National Supervisory Authorities with the necessary independence and objectivity, seniority, knowledge of the community legislation and EIOPA measures, and expertise in supervisory practices to guarantee the credibility and the effectiveness of the peer review mechanism.

Since the establishment of the Review Panel in 2008 (under CEIOPS) EIOPA has conducted various peer reviews on supervisory authorities' practices on topics - including the Application of the General Protocol, Application of the Budapest Protocol, Pre-application of Internal Models, National Competent Authorities' governance of participation in colleges of supervisors, Supervisory practices in cases of freedom to provide services, Supervision of IORPs (with respect to articles 9, 12, 13, 14 of the IORPs Directive).

EIOPA is convinced that the added value of EIOPA's peer reviews is driven largely by the contributions of its Members, providing supervisory practices applied on national levels and identifying best practices on an EU level, thus enhancing supervisory convergence and quality across the Union. Peer reviews encourage an open dialogue among national competent authorities, enables them to explore together actual supervisory practices and fosters collective and collaborative solutions in dealing with the supervisory issues currently confronted.​



Damian Jaworski (PL)