Review Panel

The Review Panel conducts peer reviews as described in the EIOPA Regulation using the objective assessment methodology. Peer reviews focus on the convergence of supervisory practices, and on the capacity of supervisors to achieve high-quality supervisory outcomes across the European Union. Through peer reviews, an open dialogue among national competent authorities is encouraged, enabling them to jointly explore supervisory practices and fostering collective and collaborative solutions in dealing with the supervisory issues.​

The Review Panel consists of representatives of the national supervisory authorities with the necessary independence and objectivity, seniority, knowledge of the community legislation and EIOPA measures, as well as expertise in supervisory practices to guarantee the credibility and the effectiveness of the peer review mechanism. Experts from national supervisory authorities act as reviewers of specific activities in coordination with EIOPA.

EIOPA conducted peer reviews on various supervisory authorities' practices:  application of the General Protocol, application of the Budapest Protocol, pre-application of internal models, national competent authorities' governance of participation in colleges of supervisors, supervisory practices in cases of freedom to provide services, different aspects in the supervision of institutions of occupational retirement provision (IORPs).



Damian Jaworski (PL)