EIOPA Opinions

​​​​​​​​​​EIOPA expresses opinions on different issues related to its areas of competence. Opinions are provided upon a request from the European Parliament, the Council or the Commission, as well as on EIOPA’s own initiative.

Opinions aim, inter alia, at building a common Union supervisory culture and consistent supervisory practices, as well as in at ensuring uniform procedures and consistent approaches throughout the Union.

​12.2016Opinion on Disclosure of Information related to the Use of Transitional Measures in the Calculation of Technical Provisions
04.2016Opinion to EU Institutions on a Common Framework for Risk Assessment and Transparency for IORPs
​01.2016 ​Opinion on the application of a combination of methods to the group solvency calculation

​O​pinion on the group solvency calculation in the context of equivalence

​04.2015​ EIOPA Opinion on the preparation for Internal Model applications

EIOPA issues an Opinion on sales via the Internet of insurance and​ pension products

12.2014​​Opinion on Sound principles for Crisis Prevention, Management and Resolution preparedness of NCAs
​03.2014 Opinion on the use of a Common Application Package for Internal Models
​12.2013 Joint Opinion of the ESAs about the Review on the functioning of the European Systemic Risk Board
​12.2013 EIOPA Opinion on Beneficiary Protection Arrangements Regarding Life Insurance Contracts
​03.2013 Opinion on Supervisory Response to a Prolonged Low Interest Rate Environment
​12.2012Opinion on Interim Measures Regarding Solvency II
​05.2012Opinion on External Models and Data