Quantitative Impact Study 4

A.​​​​Call for Advice, Guidance and Specifications: Manual
​1a​Letter EC March 2008
​1bLetter EC February 2008
​1cLetter EC January 2008
​2Call for Advice from EC to CEIOPS
​3Technical Specifications QIS4
​4CEIOPS Guidance Note (revision 2)
​5Processing QIS4 groups results at an EU level (revised after consultation)
​6Errata to the Technical Specifications QIS4

​​B.​​Spreadsheets and IT Tools: Workbook
​1a​QIS4 Solo Spreadsheet (revised 31 July)
​1a-1​​Solo Patching Tool (revised 4 July)
​1a-2​QIS4 Spreadsheet Patch Documentation (revised 31 July)
​1a-3​Spreadsheet Satellites Patch Documentation (revised 27 June) (for updates outside core spreadsheet)
​1a-4Patching tool - omitted cells NEW 4 July
​1a-5Tool to fix lacking_extension 20080704 NEW 4 July
​1bQIS4 Helper tabs (revised 27 June)
​1b-1Patching Tool for Helper Tabs

​​Adapted Technical Specifications linked to spreadsheet Solo

​1dSimplification Tabs  (revised 27 June)
​1d-1Patching Tool for Simplification Tabs
​1e​​Spreadsheet plug-in for the Internal Models (revised 18 June 2008)
​1e-1Patching tool for Internal Model plug in
​1e-2Guidance document for handling internal model plug in
​1fBest Estimate Valuation Tool (revised)
​1g​QIS4 Best Estimate Valuation Tool - Explanatory Note to Revision
​1hQIS4 Best Estimate Valuation Tool User's Guide (revised)
​2Groups spreadsheet 20080812  (revised 12 August)
​2a​​Spreadsheet Plug-in for the Internal Models (groups) (NEW)
​2a-1QIS4 all-in-one group-patches 20080812 (Revised 12 August)
​2a-2​QIS4 Group Spreadsheet Patch Documentation 20080812   (revised 12 August)
​3aSpreadheet Instructions for solo
​3b​​Spreadsheet Instructions for Groups ( revised 10 July)
​4Term Structures (revised)
​5Qualitative Questionnaire Solo
​6Qualitative Questionnaire Groups
​7​Operational risk questionnaire QIS4
​​C.Background Papers​
​1​Cost of Capital Reference Undertaking 
​3Groups example
​4Treatment of with-profit funds in groups
​​D.​Questions and Answers​
​1Questions and Answers procedure​
​2Questions and Answers Document  (updated version 8 July)  
​3Submission checklist for QIS4 solo participants (New, 25 June)
​​E.​​National Guidance
​Please note that National Guidance Papers are papers which are provided under the responsibility of the Supervisory Authority.
QIS4 National Guidance France
​​F.​Final  report
CEIOPS' Report on its Fourth Quantitative Impact Study (QIS4) for Solvency II - Annex of Selected Tables
Letter to the EC
QIS4 Contactpersons Supervisors (revised 23 July)