QIS5 Spreadsheets & IT Tools

​​Date​Core documents
​​06.10.2010 ​QIS5 spreadsheet - update no. 5
​28.09.2010 Transfer tool (to migrate data into updated core spreadsheet) - update no. 2​
​​06.10.2010 QIS5 updater (to update spreadsheets starting from the 7 September version into the last available version)- update no. 3​
​07.10.2010 QIS5 spreadsheet available translation package​
​07.09.2010Manual for the completion of QIS5 spreadsheet by solo undertakings - update no. 1
​30.08.2010Manual for the completion of the QIS5 internal models sheets
​07.09.2010 ​Manual for the completion of the QIS5 spreadsheet by groups
​24.08.2010Adapted Technical Specifications linked to spreadsheet Solo
​07.09.2010​​Qualitative questionnaire - solo - update no. 1
​07.09.2010Qualitative questionnaire - groups - update no. 1
​07.09.2010Qualitative questionnaire - internal models  - update no. 1
​05.10.2010 ​​​Qualitative questionnaire - Excel - update no.3​
​​Date​Document - non-life and health-non-SLT calibration 
​28.09.2010Template for non-life and health-non-SLT calibration data collection
​23.09.2010Explanatory note
​​Date​Documents: QIS5 Simplifications & Helper Tabs
​07.09.2010 Discounting tool (TP.3.1 to TP.3.11) covering also the calculation of technical provisions under stressed conditions (interest rate risk and liquidity premium risk) ​- update no.1
​​27.08.2010​Non life best estimate (section V.2.2)​​/User guide
​23.09.2010Risk margin (TP.5.1 to TP.5.74) - update no.2
​27.08.2010Spread risk (SCR.5.67 to SCR.5.103)
​07.09.2010Health Cat risk (SCR.8.95 to SCR.8.138) - update no.1
​27.08.2010Adjustment for non proportional reinsurance (SCR.9.25 to SCR.9.28, Annex N)
​05.10.2010Natural Catastrophes risk (SCR.9.62 to SCR.9.92) - update no.3
​23.09.2010Man made cat risk (SCR.9.93 to SCR.9.166) - update no. 1
​07.09.2010​Undertaking specific parameters (SCR.10.1 to SCR.10.61) -  update no. 1

Concentration risk (SCR 5.104 to SCR 5.127) - update no. 2​

​​Date​​Document - User Manual and tools to extrapolate risk free curves
​02.08.2010​User manual for CEIOPS risk free rate extrapolation tool
​02.08.2010Automatic macro - Tool for extrapolating risk free rate curves