​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In this section you will find final reports, surveys and other analytic publications.


Insurance Distribution Directive - Report analysing national general good rules

Country-by-country analysis of national general good rules


Final Report on c​ross-border supervision of retail financial services
​06.2019EIOPA Financial Stability Report June 2019​

Big Data Analytics in motor and health insurance: A thematic review

Big Data Analytics in motor and health insurance: fact sheet

​04.2019Report on Supervisory Activities in 2018

Executive summary: Peer review on supervisory practices with respect to the application of the prudent person rule for IORPs

Results of the peer review on supervisory practices with respect to the application of the prudent person rule for IORPs
​04.2019 ​ Joint Comittee Report on Risks and Vulnerabilities in the EU Financial System
​03.2019Report on Outsourcing to the Cloud: EIOPA's Contribution to the European Commission Fintech Action Plan
​03.2019Report on Best Practises on Licencing Requirements, Peer-to-Peer Insurance and the Principle of Proportionality in an InsurTech Context
​03.2019Report on Other Information to be provided to Prospective and Current Members: Guidance and Principles based on Current Practices
​03.2019Report on the results of the MCRCS YE2017

Framework for assessing conduct risk through the product lifecycle

​02.2019Final Report following joint consultation paper concerning amendments to the PRIIPs KID
​01.2019Peer review on propriety of administrative, management or supervisory body members and qualifying shareholders
PR on propriety: Executive Summary
​01.2019 EIOPA's first Report on Costs and Past Performance of insurance and pension products
0​1.2019 Joint ESAs Report on Regulatory Sandboxes and Innovation Hubs
​12.2018EIOPA Financial Stability Report December 2018​
​12.2018Report to the European Commission on Group Supervision and Capital Management with a Group of Insurance or Reinsurance Undertakings, and FoS and FoE under Solvency II

Seventh Consumer Trends Report


​Report on the use of limitations and exemptions from reporting 2018

​12.2018Report on the Evaluation of the Structure of Insurance Intermediaries Markets in Europe

Report on the use of capital add-ons 2018


​Report on long-term guarantees measures and measures on equity risk 2018

​11.2018 Peer Review of key functions: supervisory practices and application in assessing key functions
PR Key Functions Executive Summary
Peer Review Methodology
​11.2018Implementation of IORP II: Report on the Pension Benefit Statement: guidance and principles based on current practices
​10.2018EIOPA's analysis of IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts
​09.2018Activity Report 2016 – 2018 of the EIOPA Occupational Pensions Stakeholder Group (OPSG)
​09.2018Joint Committee Report on the results of the monitoring exercise on ‘automation in financial advice’ ​
​07.2018Other potential macroprudential tools and measures to enhance the current framework
​07.2018Failures and near misses in insurance
​06.2018EIOPA Financial Stability Report June 2018
​06.2018Annual Report 2017​
​05.2018First Comparative Study on Market and Credit Risk Modelling

​EIOPA Oversight Activities 2017

​03.2018Solvency II tools with macroprudential impact

Joint Committee Final Report on Big Data

Factsheet: Use of Big Data by financial institutions





​02.2018Systemic risk and macroprudential policy in insurance
2017 Market Development Report on Occupational Pensions and Cross-Border IORPs
Report on the use of capital add-ons 2017
​Report on the use of limitations and exemptions from reporting 2017
Report on long-term guarantees measures and measures on equity risk 2017

Sixth Consumer Trends Report 

Sixth Consumer Trends Report - HTML version

​Investment behaviour report

Final Report on Guidelines under the Insurance Distribution Directive on Insurance-based investment products that incorporate a structure which makes it difficult for the customer to understand the risks involved

​07.2017 ​Summary of EIOPA InsurTech Roundtable: How technology and data are reshaping the insurance landscape
Final Report on Consultation Paper No. 16/003 on the methodology to derive the Ultimate Forward Rate and its implementation


Report on Thematic Review on monetary incentives and remuneration between providers of asset management services and insurance undertakings
Specification of the methodology to derive the UFR
​​03.2017 2016 Market Development Report on Occupational Pensions and Cross-Border IORPs
​02.2017Final Report on Consultation Paper on draft Implementing Technical Standards on the Insurance Product Information Document
Insurance Product Information Document Template​
​02.2017 ​Final Report on Tec​​hnical Advice on Possible Delegated Acts Concerning the Insurance Distribution Directive
​12.2016 ​Report on Information on the use of limitations and exemptions regarding the submission by insurance and reinsurance undertakings of regular supervisory reporting
​12.2016EIOPA Fifth Consumer T​rends Report​​
10.2016Peer Review of the Statement of Investment Policy Principles for Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision (IORPs)​​​
​09.2016 ​Report on Good Practices on Communication Tools and Channels for communicating to occupational pension scheme members
​05.2016EIOPA Peer Review on Freedom to Provide Services Publication of Outcomes​
​05.2016 ​Year-end report 2015 on functioning of Colleges and Accomplishments of Action Plan
​02.2016 ​Retail Risk Indicators Methodology Report​​
​01.2016Peer Reviews on the NCAs’ Governance of Colleges
12.2015 ​EIOPA Fourth Consumer Trends Report
​12.2015Report on Consumer Protection Issues arising from the sale of Mobile Phone Insurance

Updated Action Plan 2016 and Way Forward for Colleges of Supervisors​​​​

​09.2015Progress report on the equivalence assessment of the Bermudian supervisory system in relation to articles 172, 227 and 260 of the Solvency II Directive

2015 Market development report on occupational pensions and cross-border IORPs​​


​Final Report on Good Practices on individual transfers of occupational pension rights ​​

​05.2015 Report on Staffing and Resource needs for accomplishing the tasks under Solvency II Directive​​
​03.2015Progress Report on the Follow-up to the Peer Reviews on Pre-application of Internal Models
​03.2015 Peer Review on Supervisory Practices in respect of Article 9 of Directive 2003/41/EC (“Conditions of operation”) – Final Report​
​02.2015Year-end report on Functioning of Colleges and Accomplishments of Action Plan 2014
Annex 1: Accomplishment of EIOPA Action plan 2014 criteria 
02.2015 EIOPA Report on Costs and charges of IORPs
​​01.2015​Final report on investment options for occupational DC scheme members​​
12.2014​EIOPA’s Fact Finding Report on Decumulation Phase Practices
​12.2014Third Consumer Trends Report
​10.2014EIOPA’s Action Plan 2015/2016 for Colleges
​10.2014Final Report on the Discussion Paper on Conflicts of Interest in direct and intermediated sales of insurance-based investment products
​07.2014Report on Cross Border IORP Market Developments
​06.2014Report on issues leading to detriment of occupational pension scheme members and beneficiaries and potential scope of action for EIOPA
​06.2014Report On feedback from National Competent Authorities Regarding EIOPA’s opinion on Payment Protection Insurance
​03.2014One Minute Guide - EIOPA Guidelines on Complaints-Handling by Insurance Intermediaries
​02.2014Report on the Functioning of Colleges and the Accomplishments of the 2013 Action Plan
​02.2014Report on the implementation of the Test Achats ruling into national legislation
​01.2014Report on Good Practices on Comparison Websites
​01.2014Review of Consumer Trends Methodology
​12.2013Technical Report on Standard Formula Design and Calibration for Certain Long-Term Investments
​12.2013Report on Good Supervisory Practices regarding knowledge and ability requirements for distributors of insurance products
​12.2013Consumer Trends Report (revised)
​12.2013Report on Best Practices by Insurance Intermediaries in handling complaints
​11.2013Survey on Crisis Prevention, Management and Resolution Preparedness of National Supervisors
​10.2013EIOPA’s Action Plan 2014/2015 for Colleges


Peer Reviews on Pre-application of Internal Models for NSAs and Colleges – Final Report

Peer Review on Occupational Pensions (Art. 13, 14 of IORP Directive) - Final Report

Report on QIS on IORPs

​04.2013Survey of EU practice on default investment options
​02.20132013 Report on Good Practices related to the provision of information for Defined Contribution (DC) schemes
​01.2013​​Report on the Functioning of Colleges and the Accomplishments of the 2012 Action Plan
​01.2013EIOPA’s Action Plan 2013 for Colleges
​12.2012The Joint Committee Report on the application of AML/CTF obligations to, and the AML/CTF supervision of e-money issuers, agents and distributors in Europe
​12.2012 ​EU-U.S. Dialogue Project Factual Report
​11.2012​​Methodology Report for collecting, analysing and reporting on consumer trends
​10.2012Report on Industry Training Standards applied by national competent authorities






​​Report on the Cross-Border Cooperation Mechanisms between Insurance Guarantee Schemes in the EU
​07.2011IORP Market Development Report 2011
Report on Risks Related to Defined Contribution Pension Plan Members
Report on Risk Mitigation Mechanisms for Defined Contribution Related Risks
​06.2011Report of the Task Force on expected profits arising from future premiums
​04.2011​​Report on Reporting Requirements to Supervisory Authorities for IORPs
Report on Variable Annuities
Final Report on the Functioning of Colleges of Supervisors in 2010 & Targets 2011
​03.2011EIOPA report on the fifth Quantitative Impact Study for Solvency II     Annexes