Standards and Recommendations

​​​In this section you will find copies of all measures, aimed at contributing to the consistent implementation of the Community Directives and to the convergence of the Member States' supervisory practices throughout the Community.​​

​EIOPA Guidelines on Consumer Protection, the Solvency II Preparatory Phase and Standardisatio​n are available here​.

04.2019EIOPA's Insurance Stress Test 2018 Recommendations

Recommendations for the insurance sector in light of the United Kingdom withdrawing from the European Union


EIOPA Common Application Package for Internal Models​

Explanatory Note 

​12.2010​Recommendations on the supplementary requirements of the Financial Conglomerates Directive for supervisory colleges of financial conglomerates
​03.2010​CEIOPS Level 3 Guidance on Solvency II: Pre-application process for Internal Models​
​03.2009​​Guidelines on preparation for and management of a financial crisis
​02.2009Methodology for the assesment of the Equivalence of Third Country Professional Secrecy Standards
​01.2009Colleges of Supervisors - 10 Common Principles
Criteria for assessment of supervisory equivalence under Directive 2005/68/EC ("Reinsurance Directive")
​10.2008CEBS, CEIOPS, CESR - AMLTF Common understanding on payment funds transfer
CEBS, CEIOPS, CESR - Feedback Statement to AMLTF Consultation payment funds transfers
​04.2008Impact Assessment Guidelines for EU Lamfalussy Level 3 Committees
Impact Assessment Guidelines for EU Lamfalussy Level 3 Committees - Feedback Statement
​11.2007Guidelines on Information Exchange between Lead Supervisors and Other Competent Authorities
12.2006Statement on the Role of the Lead Supervisor
​02.2005Guidelines for Coordination Committees in the Framework of the Insurance Groups Directive
CEIOPS-CP2-04 Annex 1 Co-Co Guidelines - Example Group Structure Chart - IGT
CEIOPS-CP2-04 Annex 2 Co-Co Guidelines - flow chart
​​French Translation provided by the French CEIOPS' Member
​09.2005Recommendations regarding the Implications of the IAS/IFRS Introduction for the Prudential Supervision of Insurance Undertakings
Annex 1 - Survey of IAS Application in the Insurance Sector (final)
Annex 2 - Implications for European Directives
​​Annex 3 - Issues arising from the Application of IAS-IFRS​