Database of pension plans and products in the EEA

The compilation of registered Database of Pension Plans and Products herein is intended to provide easily accessible information in accordance to Article 8 of EIOPA Regulation.

The Database is a unique resource providing a comprehensive snapshot of the European pensions’ landscape and helps to better understand pension systems in Europe.

The Database has been prepared by EIOPA on a best effort basis, with contributions from national competent authorities. Adjustments and simplifications were applied both in defining characteristics of plans and products and in providing the information by the authorities. Therefore, the Database should not be interpreted as a fully complete, “official” list of all pension plans, products or their providers available in EEA. Similarly, the definitions and classifications used have been established for the purpose of the Database and are not binding in any way.

In addition, for some countries the information contained in the Database may not be entirely explicative of the national context.


Plans and products included in the Database are those non-public arrangements and investment vehicles which have an explicit objective of retirement provision (according to a national social and labour law or tax rules) irrespective whether they are of occupational or personal type.

Both 1st pillar-bis pensions available in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and plans/products which are defined in the legislation but not yet offered to the public (or have no members) are also included.

The pension plans managed by the State or public entities (1st pillar pensions) and “pure” annuities (i.e. products not linked to an accumulation phase) are excluded from the Database. 

The Database is aimed to be updated, checked for completeness, consistency and methodological aspects on an annual basis.

EIOPA has prepared this compilation from information received from EEA national competent authorities. EIOPA accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever.

Any comments or questions on this compilation should be addressed to

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